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Hardback book of The Secret Museum by Molly Oldfield
Hardback copy of Wonders of the World's Museums by Molly Oldfield
Hardback book of Natural Wonders of the World by Molly Oldfield
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 The Everything Under The Sun Quiz Book: a question for every day of the year is available for pre-order now!


Hello! I’m Molly. I’m the creator of Everything Under The Sun, a world where children can come to find answers to their questions about life on earth. 


Each morning I wake up to questions sent to me by children around the world, as well as my own children climbing into bed (the big one) or jumping on my head (the small one). 


I then set about answering these questions on my podcast Everything Under The Sun, and in my book Everything Under The Sun: a curious question for every day of the year, which was the third bestselling children’s non-fiction book of 2021 (The Bookseller) and is now available  in 10 languages. Everything Under The Sun - The Quiz book is available to preorder here, please do buy a copy now for your future self.

I’m now busy writing new books of Everything Under The Sun, filled with children’s questions from all over the world. So, if you have little people in your life who have questions, do send them in! 


I also write a weekly kids’ quiz in The Guardian’s Saturday magazine.


My favourite things in the world are swimming, sunshine, scuba diving, reading books, chatting to my Grandmother, avocados, cups of tea (especially in bed) and my delicious children. I write and podcast mainly from my garden shed in Oxfordshire but love making live episodes and plan to do more. I've been living in Bali this year so my children can go to school in the jungle and learn all about nature and our beautiful planet. 


Before creating Everything Under The Sun I wrote questions for the BBC TV show QI, I was their original elf and wrote questions and answers for all of the Stephen Fry years. 


I also wrote three books during that time. 


The Secret Museum was about all the things in museums that rarely, if ever, go on display. I travelled the world delving into archives with curators and wrote about a different artefact kept behind the scenes of museums including: a space suit covered in moon dust; Alfred Nobel's will that led to the Nobel prizes; Van Gogh's pocket sketchbooks filled with sketches of paintings now loved around the world...


My next book, Wonders of the World’s Museums was a children’s book full of all the best things you CAN see in museums, complete with their stories, great photographs and beautiful illustrations. My third book, Natural Wonders of the World, was filled with the most amazing wild places and creatures for children to learn about.


When my first children’s book about museums was published a friend’s daughter went to see something I wrote about in the book; the Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum. When she gazed up at the magnificent creature, now named Hope, diving through the museum’s enormous hall, she had a question - can blue whales talk to killer whales? I decided to find out. 


She loved the answer I sent her and Everything Under The Sun, the podcast, was born! Everything Under The Sun won an award at the British Podcast Awards and went into the family apple podcast charts at number 1 when it launched.


I believe the more curious you are the more adventurous your life will be so I love encouraging children to ask questions and work out ways to find answers. 



As a child I was always asking WHY? and never quite found the answers so I hope Everything Under the Sun is a pocket of the universe where children feel welcome and valued and can bring their curiosity. 


If you have a question that you would like me to answer, do send it into the show! and I hope you love the books! 

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