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  • Molly Oldfield

Book and Podcast News

Everything Under the Sun X Wild Nutrition Listen to the latest episode of Everything Under the Sun with special guest expert Tim Spector! The episode is sponsored by Wild Nutrition who make vitamins and supplements with special ranges for mothers and children! Their vitamins and supplements are food-grown, meaning that nutrients are added to real growing food which is scientifically proven to help your body better absorb the nutrients. You can use the code EVERYTHINGUNDERTHESUN for £10 off your first order at Wild Nutrition!

Everything Under the Sun Book restock My book 'Everything Under the Sun: a curious question for every day of the year' is BACK IN STOCK after it sold out over Christmas. You can buy it online here, or online and in store from Daunt Books or Waterstones.

EveryWHERE Under the Sun Book: Call for questions! 'Everywhere Under the Sun' is the second book based on the podcast Everything Under the Sun filled with answers to kids' questions! The first book was so popular that we're putting a second book together at the moment with a more global twist! I have a few weeks left to answer all the remaining questions for the new book so this is the last chance to have your child's question included! Do send them over via email to For this last batch of answers, we're looking for questions with a global theme. If any of your little ones have questions about different cultures and customs from around the world, traditional clothing, music or dance, cultural festivals, populations and migrations, the environment... or anything like that then please do send them in! If you have friends from other countries we'd love to hear their questions, and even have them ask them in their native tongues for the podcast - please do share with them! To find out more about the book and how to send in questions click HERE or you can fill in the forms below and send them to me via email.

Thank you again for the continued enthusiasm and support for Everything Under the Sun! Sending sunshine, Molly x


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